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About Us

One day back in '02, a friend and I were chillin' at our favorite beach while discussing the surf conditions when the idea came to mind to start a website for the many words and phrases surfers use.

There's no doubt that surfers have a distinct language. After all, he and I had a long discussion using words that, to the unschooled, would have sounded like an foreign language. Shortly thereafter, the idea gelled and was launched.

Although the site wasn't an instant success, over time, it gained momentum and surfers began submitting their entries. Now, thanks to the generous contributions of fellow surfers, Riptionary has grown from a few dozen entries into the largest online surf lingo dictionary with well over 1,100 unique entries spanning surf culture niches from around the world.

Today we're a top PageRank site at Google and garner a top-tier (if not the top) position in every leading domestic and international search engine for surf lingo and surf culture related searches. On average, we receive over 65,000 unique sessions per month and to date have served well over ten million lexicon page views to our patrons. Our site is regularly used as a reference source by everyone from students and journalists to marketing firms and anthropologists. And, we're really stoked for having a term of ours used as the inspiration in the naming of un upscale Huntington Beach, California restaurant, Zimzala.

Now, we're no experts in etymology nor do we claim to be - we're surfers, but isn't really about the study of the language per-se. From the start, our focus has been on the use of slang in surfers' every day lives. Mainly because it's more fun, but also because it's no less important when studying past, present and the evolution of surf culture.

We try to make useful, so if you have any questions, comments or suggestions about our site, please let us know at admin[@]

We hope you find fun, interesting and informative.

Surf On!
Scott A. Mathews