One day in 2002, a friend and I were sitting at our favorite beach discussing surf conditions when the idea came to mind to start this website. There's no doubt that surfers have a distinct language. After all, he and I had a long discussion using words that, to most people, would have sounded like an foreign language. Shortly thereafter, the idea gelled and was launched.

For over 13 years was the top PageRank site at Google receiving over 65,000 unique sessions a month. In total, Riptionary served well over 10 million surf lingo queries and was used as a reference source by students, journalists, marketing firms and anthropologists. We even have a popular California restaurant named after one of our terms. Now, that's very cool.

As successful as the website was, it needed to evolve. So, after a brief hiatus to focus my energy and evaluate how best to move Riptionary forward, I decided to shutter the old site and offer the lexicon in a more user-friendly, universal format. The new pdf e-book will keep the Riptionary relevant and useful well into the future.

Riptionary has always been a labor of love, so if you have suggestions to make it better, let me know. I want the new format to be as fun, interesting and informative as the original. 

Yours in Stoke,
Scott A. Mathews


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