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Surf Culture

From Aloha to ZimZala, the entries in this category relate to the cultural aspects of surfing. Step through time as you browse entries that once defined surf culture in its beginning and redefine it today into a popular mainstream sport with a unique lifestyle.

Tricks & Technique

Boost, Barrel, Cutback, Drop, and Tube are some of the popular entries in our Tricks & Technique category. Surfing, like many sports, is evolving and advances in equipment is enabling surfers to accomplish maneuvers never before seen or thought possible in surfing.

Oceanic Influences

The ocean is a dynamic place. Whether energy fades into nothing or becomes a rideable wave depends on numerous factors. Wind, tides, bathymetry, and more play crucial roles in this delicate dance we call surfing. Peruse this section to learn about the myriad of influences.

Keepin' it Real

From Bitchin' to Woody; if you want to reach back to your old school youth or relive what a particular generation used to define the surf lifestyle and culture, our Old School category will offer you a rare glimpse of the classics from the days gone by.

Equipment & Gear

Longboard, Shortboard, Gun, Rail, Tail, and much, much more. Here's where you'll learn what all the common terms and definitions related to surf equipment are and just what they all mean. If you have any questions related to surfing equipment and it's not in here, we'd be surprised.

Doin' it by Example

"Dude, just relax. You're going to blow out your squeaker." Many of our lexicon entries include examples to help further define the term. Most of them include additional information that simply adds clarity, but some offer humorous insight into the terms actual use.