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Riptionary Surf Lingo Lexicon - 2017

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Since 2002, has been the Internet's leading surf lingo, slang and definition lexicon. Compiled from over 1,000 surfer submitted entries, the Surf Lingo Lexicon captures the narrative of surfers that defined surfing and surf culture in its beginning and continues to define it today. From Aloha to Zimzala, Cool to Kook, it's got 'em all.

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A commonly known and widely used Hawaiian word to say either hello or goodbye.

Bitchin' First used by surfers in the '50’s to signify something was cool, top- notch, excellent.

Brah This is a surf brother, associate, peer, colleague, and friend in liquid solidarity. Can be used as general greeting or affirmation to being acknowledged. Derived from Bruddah, Hawaiian pidgin for brother.

Church of the Open Sky Description for the ocean and what one experiences when they partake in her offerings...surfing or other water related activity.

Epic A statement for something that is beyond the usual or ordinary that is generally used in the positive sense. Example: "The surf was epic today."

Gidget Originally coined to indicate a female surfer of diminutive stature and a syllabic combination of the words Girl and Midget. Gidget.

Ground Swell A wave type formed over great distance that is very well formed and powerful that is typically characteristic of greater than 11 seconds in a period between wave crests.

Hang Loose Being in a relaxed metabolic and clear minded state that is the inverse application of up tight t. It originated circa 1960’s.

Hybrid A surfboard size that ranges from 7 to 9 feet long that gives some of the flotation and paddling ease of a long board as well as the performance of a short board.

Inside the Popes Living Room To be inside the barrel of a wave.

Jones, Jones'n The new wave vernacular spelling for an unfulfilled desire. Example: "I've got the Jones for waves."

Kook (Kuk) A derogatory term, perhaps one of the oldest, for a surfer that is unskilled, and or someone who conducts themselves in a way that shows general disregard to surfers around them.

Leash A piece of surgical or similar tubing attaching the board to the rider’s ankle when riding a short board or at the calf just below the knee when riding a long board. Synonym: Leg Rope.

Nose Ride The act of standing on the nose of a board that is only possible on longboard.

Old School A reference to something that has been done for a long time and the style of legendary surfers is a good reference to old school.

Peak The highest point in the middle of an approaching wave that becomes more prominent as it starts to hit more shallow water and defines which way a surfer should go. Front side or back side.

Rad, Radical A departure from the ordinary, originally coined by long boarders of the golden era to define positive energy, great design, superior conditions, and great ridesmanship.

San-O A shortened version of San Onofre, California, a long-standing and popular Southern California surf break that has very much influenced California surf culture.

Setup The general definition used to describe aspects of a surf break that includes ocean floor contour, land mass points, etc. Also used as a general description. Example: "The setup was so awesome for the swell; it just wrapped around the point."

Stoke A good feeling one has that is expressed by exuberance. Example: "I'm stoked. I just got tubed!"

Swell Period Amount of time that it takes successive swell wave crests or troughs pass a fixed point such as a buoy.

Tri-Fin A three-fin surfboard setup - one large and two smaller fins.

Velzyland The Hawaiian surf spot named in honor of legendary shaper/rider Dale Velzy.

Wave Train A series of waves propagating together in the same direction as a group. Also referred to as a set.

Zimzala Free spirited person who finds peace with the sand between their toes.​​​